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Our TumbleKids gym is a bright, kid-friendly gym with age appropriate equipment and activities. The TumbleKids program is professionally planned and educationally sound with an emphasis on basic gymnastics and movement skills. Our trained, experienced teachers give positive, caring instruction in these physical skills as well as encouraging children to develop cognitive and social skills. This approach helps prepare each child for involvement in all athletics including, of course, gymnastics!

TumbleKids (Ages 3-5)

Our TumbleKids program has two primary goals.


First: to raise each child’s confidence level by encouraging them to go beyond their own expectations and perceived willingness to try.


Second: to develop each child’s kinesthetic awareness, physical ability and coordination.


Gymnastics movement patterns and skills, as well as other developmental movements, are the “tools” we use to challenge each child to go beyond their own expectations and perceived willingness to learn. Then gradually, by design - these “tools” become the object of our secondary goal…teaching and refining gymnastics movement patterns and skills.


This broad-based approach helps prepare each child for future involvement in all athletics including, of course, gymnastics. Of course they think TumbleKids is just pure fun! Children MUST be 3yrs. BEFORE the beginning of the term.

TumbleKids with Parent (1 & 2 Years)

TumbleKids with parent is family fun...wrapped in a professionally planned, educationally sound program of developmental movements and sensory motor experiences.


This program is designed to guide you in helping your child reach his or her physical, mental and emotional potential through the delightful medium of play.


Activities include music, finger plays, pretend play, climbing, jumping, beginning tumbling and other pre-gymnastics skills.

TumbleKids Program is fun, healthy, and a great way to start leading your child down a more physical path in life.

TumbleKids with Parent (2½ - 3½ Years)

This is a transition class for those who are ready for a bit more structure.


Elements from both programs will be combined with emphasis on following learning circuits independently.

Children MUST be 2 years, 6 months BEFORE the beginning of the term.

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Our Tumblekids gym includes a traversing wall!  What a great way for the kids to learn strength, hand/eye coordination and problem solve all while having fun!!

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