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The governing body of gymnastics in the United States is USA Gymnastics (USAG). KGI is a member of USAG and supports its systems of competition and adheres to its rules and policies. KGI currently competes in the USAG compulsory and optional programs. The USAG Junior Olympic (J.O.) Program is designed to provide a basis for sound development of our young athletes from the entry level class student through the advanced competitive gymnast. The program is linear in nature and has 10 levels and Xcel. This assures that each athlete has mastered the physical and performance requirements to safely progress through the system.




All safety certified professional members of USAG with certificates and training through USAG University including; U100, U101, Stewards of Children and Background checks.

If your child is currently a recreational student at Kids Gym and you have questions regarding your child’s readiness for competitive training, speak first with your child’s teacher. Questions regarding specific team requirements or gymnasts with competitive experience in other programs should contact our Team Director, Kerrie Visscher.  You can email Kerrie at or contact the Kids Gym Office at 269-323-7657.


Competitive gymnastics is one of the most challenging and rewarding sports in the world. The life lessons learned during a competetive gymnastics career are continuous and invaluable. Our non-competitive, developmental team consists of Levels 1-pre-3 and our competitive team currently consists of Levels 3 through 10 and Xcel. Our philosophy for our team program is one of excellent basics, form, technique, conditioning and flexibility. We believe that a strong foundation will lead to a safe, continual and smooth progression from one skill to the next. We also understand the need for our gymnasts to have a life outside of the gym so we encourage them to have other interests and a healthy social life!

J.O. Compulsory (Level 1-5)

  • Levels 1 and 2 (Pre-team) are the compulsory developmental level which consists of approximately 10 skills per event and a short sequence of skills on each event. These levels will compete in 3-4 fun and recreational meets per season.

  • Level Pre-3 is a compulsory level created by KGI to ease the transition between fun meets and sanctioned meets. Pre-3’s will do the same skills and routines as Level 3’s but may not have the same level of physical or mental mastery.

  • Level 3 is the first level of sanctioned compulsory athletes.

  • Levels 4 and 5 are sanctioned compulsory athletes.

J.O. Optional (Level 6-10)

Levels 6-10 are all “optional” levels. This means that each athlete’s routines consist of required elements chosen by the coach and gymnast and are put together with optional dance and choreography.


This program is for anyone who desires the challenge of optional routines and competition, those wanting a limited time commitment, those preparing for a high school team, and/or Level 6, and those who love  gymnastics and want a bit more. Xcel provides a means and a purpose for continued gymnastics preparation. It consists of 4 divisions: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All routines consist of required elements, chosen by the coach and gymnast, and are put together with optional dance and choreography. KGI requires all Xcel gymnasts who compete to be a minimum of 10 years old.


Our team had an awesome season!  Many great team finishes and individual AA placements too!!

Way to go KGI!!

studio director KGI Team 2016-17 KGI012217-682 KGI012217-589 KGI012217-431 KGI012217-301-Edit Sofie_Santos_Level8_a Alexia_Inquilla_Level8_m IMG_1250 Rachel_Holmes_Level8_j Emma_Steele_L6_1 Katy_Stampor_XS_Regionals_3 Rachel_Holmes_Level8_l Olivia Still 3 xcel silver team photo professional